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Migration to SAP General Ledger

The (new) SAP General Ledger offers increased functionality including segment reporting, parallel ledgers and document splitting. The migration to the new SAP General Ledger is very complex as the general ledger performs such a vital role in companies' statutory reporting.  IFRS is required in many countries and we have assisted many companies with migrating to the SAP General Ledger to meet these requirements.  


It is very important that the migration project is managed correctly by a consulting company with migration knowledge and experience:  Some of the migration services that we offer include:

Pre Migration Review


The contents of the pre-migration review include:


  • Overview of Client's SAP project

  • Overview of a migration project

  • Overview of the migration cockpit

  • Demonstration of new GL functionality

  • Detailed review of current SAP system and classic gl (to identify any potential problems for the future migration and data that should be cleaned up before the migration)

  • Project timing, target migration scenarios

  • Blueprint of new functionality requied for  migration

  • Completion of SAP questionnaire

  • Preparation and delivery of final pre-migration report


This service takes 4 - 5 days and we recommend having a pre-migration review before the planning phase of the migration project starts so that any potential issues can be corrected.

Pilot System and Training


We recommend setting up a pilot system with the new SAP General Ledger activated before the migration project starts.  This helps with blueprinting the new functionality such as parallel ledgers and document splitting.  Our consultants can assist with the setup and training of the internal migration team.

Migration Project


We provide consulting support for the planning, migration and go live phases of the migration project. This includes support for multiple test migrations and first period end close.  Migration projects usually take    5 - 8 months depending on the migration scenarion required and the volume of data being migrated.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired the rights to our SAP Press books 'Migrate Successfully to the SAP General Ledger' and 'Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials'.  While existing supplies last, these books can be purchased directly from us for a discounted price of $9.95 plus shipping.    These books have recently been featured at several SAP conferences  Please click here to purchase or if you are a customer interested in starting a migration project please contact us for a free copy (limit of one per customer).

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