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We are experts in SAP Financials and have assisted many large companies with the optimization of their finance processes.  Our two main services are digital transformation with S/4HANA and migration services for the ECC 'New' General Ledger. In addition we have been the lead consulting company for many new SAP implementations and global rollouts, and for all of our services we offer full project management and support.

We specialize in SAP migration and were the first consulting company to migrate a multinational company with document splitting and parallel ledgers.

We published the SAP Press book on New GL migration that many other consulting companies use as a reference.  We have successfully completed migrations for many large companies in the North America, Latin America and Europe.       

All of our consultants are S/4HANA Finance certified and can assist in explaining SAP's solution roadmap and the integration and migration strategy for S/4HANA.  We specialize in SAP Finance and as the migration experts, we can explain the options for how to integrate S/4HANA into your landscape.  We can also demonstrate all new functionality in S/4HANA Finance such as the universal journal, extension ledgers etc.


We have assisted many large multinationals with their global SAP rollouts and have recently completed several rollout projects in Latin America and also Asia including China and Japan.



Many companies are already using the SAP General Ledger but are not using the functionality such as document splitting, parallel ledgers, foreign currency valuation correctly.  For these customers, we usually start with an assessment and then assist with making the required changes so that the SAP General Ledger is set up optimally. 

Migration to New GL
'New' SAP General Ledger
IFRS Compliance
Digital Transformation

We published the SAP Press book ‘Transitioning to IFRS in SAP Financials’.  There are always changes in IFRS and at present many companies are looking at solutions for IFRS 15 ‘Revenue Recognition’ and IFRS 16 ‘Leases’.  IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 have deadlines of January 2018 and January 2019 

Many of our customers require assistance in becoming more digital, intelligent businesses.  This requires a change in infrastructure from existing business models and CAPE Global has been engaged by several large companies to assist with their strategic planning to achieve this objective. For SAP, we recommend S/4HANA for the IT infrastructure.

Project Management
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